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What is Newsletterfy – wordpress newsletter plugin?

Newsletterfy is a WordPress plugin that helps you create your newsletters either from the content of your website and/or content created specifically for your newsletters.

The wordpress newsletter plugin is very easy to useworks by using blocks that you can add and fill in with the information you are interested in having in your newsletter. These blocks can be edited, removed or rearranged.

Compatible with StampReady themes

Yes! You can now to install in Newsletterfy your favorite theme for StampReady! You can choose from hundreds of themes available on ThemeForest compatible with StampReady and use them in Newsletterfy.

Newsletterfy is compatible with StampReady themes, you can build your newsletters by blocks but does not collect data from your WordPress blog and/or your WooCommerce products without prior customization of the theme by the customer or developer. It is also possible that the developer has created the theme compatible both Newsletterfy and to StampReady, so in that case, it should be able to collect data from the WordPress blog and/or WooCommerce products. Ask the developer before buying the theme if you are not sure.

Getting more templates

And that’s not all, thanks to Envato API, you can discover new templates from the Newsletterfy showcase! You will have access to hundreds of templates in one click, carefully organized for you, with the possibility of previews from Newsletterfy and purchases through ThemeForest.

Choose a theme & personalize it!

Creating themes has never been so easy with Newsletterfy. Create your own newletters from your WordPress admin panel, you don’t need to add any lines of code!

Select a theme, configure it and personalize it with the different available options, add and set up all the blocks you want and save your newsletter. Done! Your newsletter is ready to be published and exported to be sent using your favourite e-mail program.

Child themes

Starting from Newsletterfy 1.4.0, you can create rapidly a theme modifying an existing one with the news child themes.

With a child theme you can change only the necessary to custom the parent theme adding, deleting or changing what you consider necessary. And all this keeping the possibility of update the parent theme in case it is updated.

Compatible with WooCommerce and WPML

Newsletterfy makes possible to run with WooCommerce & WPML OOTB.

Compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

Newsletterfy is compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor templates.

WordPress backend editor, very easy

We have used all the possibilities offered by WordPress backend to create Newsletterfy. Creating and managing newsletters has never been so easy and intuitive.

Newsletterfy is 100% integrated into WordPress DNA. That’s why using Newsletterfy is so familiar and the reason is as easy as start using it!

Take a peek at our online demo and discover it yourself!

Campaigns are here, on Newsletterfy… to stay!

Campaigns have been added to Newsletterfy 1.5.0 in order to send newsletters to your subscribers in a fast and easy way.

Besides you will also be able to follow your campaign progress as well as the impact on your subscribers with real time statistics offered by Newsletterfy: total and unique clicks, total and unique openings as well as percentages of successful deliveries.

Creating a campaign on Newsletterfy is really easy, you just have to make the newsletter that you want to send and, after that, create the campaign where you will have the option to select the newly created newsletter. Insert the main data of your campaign (subject, preheader, from name, from e-mail and reply-to e-mail) and import your subscribers’ e-mails. Once everything is done, your campaign will be ready to be sent.

Forms New feature

  • Compatible with Ninja Forms
  • Drag-and-drop form builder within WordPress
  • Widget forms
  • Form shortcode for posts and pages
  • Create automated welcome emails
  • Create HTML email notifications
  • Create plain text email notifications
  • Get subscribers
  • Automatically add subscribers to a list / lists
  • Custom form notifications

Custom WordPress notifications

Starting from Newsletterfy 1.4.0 you can custom the notifications that your WordPress send with any newsletter created with Newsletterfy.

You only have to create the newsletter, go to newsletterfy settings and choose what newsletter use with each of the notifications. Using the placeholders that you will find in the settings page or in the Newsletterfy documentation you could use any bock of any theme and introduce them the relevant information of each notification: username, blog name, site url, etc.

The following is the list of notifications sent by WordPress, which can be personalized with Newsletterfy:

  • New user created (email for admin)
  • User credentials (email for user)
  • Password Reset (email for admin)
  • Password Reset (email for user)
  • Moderate comment (email for admin)
  • New comment (email for post author)

Custom WooCommerce notifications

Starting from Newsletterfy 1.4.0 you can custom the notifications that your WooCommerce send with any newsletter created with Newsletterfy.

You only have to create the newsletter, go to newsletterfy settings and choose what newsletter use with each of the notifications.

Note: The theme that you are using must to implement the specific blocks to be used in the WooCommerce notifications. Newsletterfy includes Revoltosa, a premium theme with which you can enjoy these blocks and use them in your installation of WooCommerce.

The following is the list of notifications sent by WooCommerce, which can be personalized with Newsletterfy:

  • New order
  • Cancelled order
  • Failed order
  • Order on-hold
  • Processing order
  • Completed order
  • Refunded order
  • Customer invoice
  • Customer note
  • Reset password
  • New account
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Some credits

Special thanks to the great people of Pixabay.

Thanks to Ahmet Önder from for the translation to Turkish.


  • WordPress 4.0 or higher.
  • PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • PHP extension mbstring.

Optional integrations

  • Contact Form 7 4.6 or higher.
  • Ninja Forms 3.0 or higher.

Are you a developer?

Newsletterfy comes with a specific API for developers. Create your themes and/or plugins for Newslettery and sell them in Envato!

The wordpress newsletter plugin is perfect for you, if you are a WordPress theme developer or an email templates developer.

If you are a WordPress theme developer, you just have to create an email template adapted to your theme and compatible with Newsletterfy. You can attach this email template to your WordPress theme or sell it separately!

Adding a Newsletterfy licence to your theme it will provide you with a very useful tool to create and manage newsletters and, so forth, your customers will be able to create their own newsletters in a very easy and proper way.

If you are an email templates developer, adding to your themes support for Newsletterfy is very easy. Besides, Newsletterfy can help you creating new templates and developing them.

Consult our specific information for developers or contact with our support if you have any query. We will be very pleased to help you integrate Newsletterfy into your products.

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